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   "Simple is Better"

Since 1985 Softub has been America's favorite full-featured portable hot tub. Softub spas can be used indoors or outdoors, in a master bedroom, on a deck, in a basement or even on a boat. Easy to maintain, Softub portable spas are also affordable enough to fit into any budget.

Softub is the original portable, energy efficient spa. There are several knockoffs, (imitations) but they are just that; imitations.

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The Complete Package
With the power pak, insulated cover, CFCI power cord, and hot tub, everything is included. No hidden costs. No surprises.

Tough & Durable
Marine grade Weathertex vinyl stands up to many extremes, indoors or out. Ask any elephant! Five Year Limited Warranty.
Softubs tough and durable

Heat without a Heater
Hot Tub Heater Our pump produces hot water with heat produced by the motor. Eliminates expensive heaters while cutting operating costs.

Digital Controls
Digital Controls Digital temperature readout allows you to set you desired temperature.

No Fuss Filter
Automatic Filtering Timer. The simple filter is easy to change, and will keep your Softub sparkling clean and free of debris.

No Special Setup
Fills with a garden hose, and plugs into any regular 110 volt outlet. What could be simpler?
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